My commitment to the environment

Gloucester, and Gloucestershire in a wider sense, has an intrinsic appreciation for the countryside and our beautiful green spaces. To ensure we do not lose this wonderful aspect of our community, we must look to protect, regenerate, and create areas of green space. Such examples can be seen in how I regularly help clean local brooks, creating new community gardens, and supporting the creation of a new green energy park in Hempsted. 

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A fairer fishing policy for Britain

One aspect of membership of the EU that most of us have always found very hard to defend has been the Common Fisheries Policy - under which lots of other countries have been allowed to fish in UK waters, discarding dead fish caught over quota.

Protecting Police dogs and horses

Gloucester MP Richard Graham has said that the dogs and horses serving our police around the country are “much more than Police property - they’re partners in catching burglars, detecting drugs and helping to save lives.

Protecting the South Sandwich Islands

Today I’ve written to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to ask him to make the oceans around the South Sandwich Islands a Marine Protected Area.

Water refill scheme set to make a big splash

Gloucester businesses are coming together with local organisations to launch a free water refill scheme to help tackle plastic pollution. The Refill scheme will see businesses that have signed up to the initiative allowing people to fill up their water bottles for free.

Bottle deposit scheme to fight plastic

Gloucester MP Richard Graham has encouraged the government to introduce a deposit return scheme to increase recycling rates and slash plastic waste pollution.

Banning Electric Shock Collars for Dogs

Dog owners know training a dog, especially a young puppy, takes time and patience. But I don’t think trying to take a short cut by using electric shock collars is a good idea at all.

Pass on Plastic

Sky Ocean Rescue's plastic whale outside Parliament symbolises the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean every second. This is why we're trying to reduce plastic use, but we all know that we need to do more.