Water refill scheme set to make a big splash

Gloucester businesses are coming together with local organisations to launch a free water refill scheme to help tackle plastic pollution. The Refill scheme will see businesses that have signed up to the initiative allowing people to fill up their water bottles for free. The idea behind the scheme, that is gaining popularity around the country, is to offer an alternative to single use bottled water and to encourage people to carry reusable water bottles.

Gloucester joins a number of cities including Bristol that have set up similar schemes with the assistance of the national charity Refill that is spearheading the idea. The Gloucester Refill project will be supported by Refill, Severn Trent Water, Gloucester BID, Marketing Gloucester, MP Richard Graham and the city council which will encourage businesses to sign up and then allocate stickers to all those that participate.

Gloucester’s MP Richard Graham said, “We’re all more aware of the impact of plastics on the environment, and this scheme will reduce the numbers of plastic bottles used, reduce litter and ensure all of us can fill up for free all over our city. It’ll make Gloucester greener and cleaner and I’m delighted to work with Refill, Severn Trent and both Councils to make sure this happens this summer.”

Councillor Richard Cook, Cabinet Member for Environment, said, “As many people are becoming aware, plastic is a huge issue for us environmentally. It ends up polluting our seas and waterways and harming our marine and birdlife. But we can help to turn the tide on this issue and in Gloucester we want to do our bit. I would urge business owners to sign up to this scheme, which is a fantastic opportunity to join together to help tackle plastic pollution.”

Gus Hoyt of Refill said, "We are over the moon to be helping Gloucester become a Refill City. There is such a local appetite to fight plastic pollution and litter and source and by downloading the free app you can earn points while staying healthily hydrated - all for free."

Find out more about Refill: http://www.refill.org.uk/