Transport: Gloucester Railway Station and roads




New Car Park and Entrance at Gloucester Station

In March 2016 (see HERE) I updated readers on my vision for a greatly improved railway station, with an additional new car park and access to the station from Great Western Road; improved underpass from Bruton Way to Great Western Road, and a new forecourt and exit onto Metz Way from the existing

Great Western Railway

I’ve been contacted by passengers on GWR commuter trains to Bristol about the number of carriages on this service.

All Change at Gloucester Station

Gloucester Residents have welcomed £3.75m secured to revamp Gloucester station. One wrote: “I’ve always hated using that underpass and am very pleased that its days are numbered.” Cllr Paul James said, “These new plans will make our station much more attractive.”

All change at Gloucester Station

Some things, when you want to improve a city, turn out to be surprisingly awkward. The temptation is to focus on easier goals - after all the electoral cycle is quite short. But I believe in persistence.

£3.75m funding means we’ll be proud of our train station

Gloucester MP Richard Graham, who has worked on improvements for Gloucester Train Station for the last eight years, says the new £3.75m Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) funding will mean “we’ll be proud of our Train Station and surrounding area”.

2018: The Year of Better Infrastructure

"In 2018 our new bus station, extra railway station car park, Kingsway surgery, University of Gloucestershire Business School and student accommodation at Blackfriars will all open,” said MP Richard Graham.