Government Consultation on Trains to Bristol

Those of you who use the Gloucester-Bristol train service may have noticed some changes to the trains in recent weeks.

Great Western Railways (GWR) has begun rolling out new three car turbo trains onto many of their Gloucester to Bristol services to replace the existing two car Class 150 trains on the route. This will provide more capacity and greater comfort than the old carriages and each train should provide about 110 more seats.

The number of rail users in Gloucester is growing far faster than the national average and the train operators need to respond to this.

Double the number of Swindon and London services are coming this year, on top of a service that’s already 15 mind faster. But the Bristol Service is way behind what’s needed. These changes make a very welcome start but I am pushing for much more.

But you too can help with this. If you are a rail user and you have an opinion on the type of train services you would like to see in Gloucester then I would urge you to have your say and contribute to the Government consultation on the franchise here: