Hospital Parking Charges: FairFuel Campaign

The Department of Health has published a clear set of principles to ensure that local parking charges are transparent and that local staff/visitors and their needs are taken into account (see:

Funding an Effective Police Service

The national police funding settlement is a good one, with an additional £450m announced yesterday. This recognises increased pressure on the police combating issues like domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and modern slavery - and above all terrorism. 

Deepening the UK-China relationship

Just over four years ago I accompanied then Prime Minister David Cameron to China, and this week I return with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Pass on Plastic

Sky Ocean Rescue's plastic whale outside Parliament symbolises the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean every second. This is why we're trying to reduce plastic use, but we all know that we need to do more.

Joint Statement on Gloucestershire 2050 Vision

We welcome the idea of a Big Conversation about the long term challenges for our county, and some possible solutions to them. It’s good to see the University of Gloucestershire, with growing numbers of students in campuses in both our constituencies, at the heart of the discussion.

2018: The Year of Better Infrastructure

"In 2018 our new bus station, extra railway station car park, Kingsway surgery, University of Gloucestershire Business School and student accommodation at Blackfriars will all open,” said MP Richard Graham.