Enews: Coronavirus

‘Light and life are stronger’: dealing with a pandemic in Gloucester

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Answers to key questions about Coronavirus

Flooding Update - February 2020

After the heavy downpours from two storms, I've been speaking to residents in Gloucester about the work the Environment Agency and Gloucester City Council have done to prevent homes being damaged by floods. Watch my video to find out more.

Coronavirus update

The outbreak of coronavirus in China has so far infected 28,023 people in China and 2 there are currently confirmed cases in the UK.

The government has evacuated British nationals from the City of Wuhan and encouraged others to come home, with 14 days of quarantine after arrival. 

My Q & A on getting waste collection right in Gloucester

Dear resident,

Thank you for your feedback and ideas.

Have tried to answer them below (thank you City Council for help).


Q1: How is Gloucester’s new recycling system better than the old system where you could recycle other items e.g. batteries?

Working together for a Greener Gloucester

In the great 'Yes Minister' TV series the phrase 'that's very brave Minister' was top civil servant Sir Humphrey's way of telling his political master to rethink a new initiative.