In 2010, I pledged to run my office at a cost over the 2010-2015 Parliament of 20% less than my predecessor’s last year (2008-2009).

From May 2010 to April 2013 the cumulative average (£111,659.22) is 30% lower than Parmjit Dhanda- £161,337 (last available annual figure: 2008/2009) – in nominal terms, without factoring in inflation 2009-2013.

My expenses have risen significantly since 2010-2011 because it took time to set up offices and hire staff in both Westminster and Gloucester, and my rental accommodation costs in London have increased since moving from the basement of my now 100 year former landlady.

All this information is available publicly on the IPSA website: http://www.parliamentary-standards.org.uk/Default.aspx