Knocked down by a mobility scooter: time to change the law?

This is a very sad story of an 89 year old woman who has died after being knocked down by a mobility scooter outside Costa Café beside Kings Walk.

Inevitably some have e mailed me asking for changes to the laws on mobility scooters. I will certainly look into whether this sector is regulated enough – whether eg driving licences are needed if driving on the highway – but also talk with our city council about whether a simple notice, especially at the corner beside Costa Coffee would help alert drivers and pedestrians to potential danger, and encourage lower speeds.

I have had the law changed before as a result of things that have happened to constituents – eg doubling the maximum sentences for those who cause injury while over the limit and are driving when uninsured: and for those who stalk in the most aggressive and harmful way. So I will look into the law as it is to see whether we could improve it, without over reacting to what is (I hope) an isolated event.