Investment in A&E and Mental Health

Following the Health Secretary’s visit, at MP Richard Graham’s request to meet our Hospitals and Mental Health Trusts, £40m has been won for our A&E service.

Richard said, “In the last few weeks the government has committed to a major new investment at the GRH A&E, the NHS has opened a new centre for mental health opposite the Hospital and 1.1 million staff across the country have a significant new salary deal for the next 4 years. All of these are good for staff and patients.”

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital’s Nursing Director Steve Hams has described the recent award of £40m to the Hospitals Trust as “a game changer for A&E patients”. The money, most of which goes to the GRH, will help redesign theatres, and provide a new fractures ward with more bed availability.

Former NHS senior nursing practitioner Cllr Collette Finnegan noted this should “help the GRH meet demanding A&E targets.”

Richard joined 2gether Trust management, staff and patients to open the new Pullman Place centre. Community leaders said its position so close to the Hospital was a key step forward.

Gloucestershire has also been chosen for a one million pound pilot project for better integration of health and care. “Such a key next step for all my constituents,” Richard said, “who shouldn’t need to have to log info about elderly patients with two different organisations.”