Gloucester MP welcomes major boost for offshore wind industry

Gloucester MP Richard Graham says a new partnership between Government and industry is set to treble the number of "green collar" jobs, adding 27,000 new opportunities, by the end of the next decade.

Since 1990, the UK has cut greenhouse gas emissions by 42%, while its economy has grown by two thirds. Renewables generated over 30% of UK power last year, and at times almost 50%. The shift away from coal to other sources of electricity generation, and particularly offshore wind, has been a key factor. And the offshore wind "sector deal" will boost the number of women and young people working in this growing UK industry.

Richard Graham MP said ‘Offshore wind is already playing a crucial part in Britain’s future energy mix. This partnership means great opportunities for climate change marchers to find future jobs in what is (under a Conservative government) Europe’s fastest growing green economy.’

Richard said ‘however there is more to do: the government must announce its new export tariff for solar very soon, and I hope will respond to the proposals on tidal and wave stream from the Marine Energy Council that the Marine Energy All Party Group I chair launched recently, using tax breaks to encourage marine energy generation.

Lastly Gloucester’s MP called for more encouragement for onshore wind – ‘not in Areas of Natural Beauty, which will rightly always be very difficult, but in less sensitive settings where there is local support. I’m discussing new ways to enable more green energy from onshore wind projects as well.’

Meanwhile Richard noted ‘the recent cost reductions of offshore wind keeps the burden of green energy on household energy bills down, increases the amount of sustainable green energy generated and helps us tackle climate change. Those are all positive steps forward.’  






  • Richard is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Marine Energy and Tidal Lagoons: and a member of the Conservative Environment Network Caucus, a group of MPs driving the green Conservative agenda in Westminster. He supports a list of principles including action on climate change. Find out more:


  • Details of the offshore wind sector deal can be found here