Gloucester MP responds to ‘worrying’ OFSTED Report

City MP Richard Graham says the recent OFSTED report on the county council’s children’s services is ‘worrying’ and that the council is right to have made immediate changes. “What matters now is how quickly the council can implement the OFSTED recommendations and turn the service around.”

Richard said that “my office has had concerns about a few individual cases in the past, but these have been resolved after investigation. I welcome the statement by the Chief Executive outlining the actions he has taken to reform the management of this critical service and the appointment of someone with relevant experience as Cabinet member to oversee the improvements needed.

Meanwhile I will be looking at any outstanding cases to see whether there is more that can be done to safeguard individuals and if any constituent has issues to do with safeguarding children that they wish to bring to my attention I hope they will do so as soon as possible. Please email me on or ring 501167 for a surgery appointment.”

The report ranks the council’s Children’s Safeguarding as the lowest ‘inadequate’ rating.

Not all of the report is negative: council work on adoption, for example, receives praise

The full OFSTED report here: