Which route for cyclists in Gloucester City Centre?

The old (current) Sustrans cycling route through Gloucester City Centre takes you through Lucy’s Garden and past the Cathedral.

The new £40million+ government / Gloucestershire County Council scheme for cycling route across our county (Bishops Cleeve to Stroud) proposes changes to bring cyclists on a more direct route through the city centre to St Ann’s Way / Bristol Road junction. 

The proposed scheme splits into different sections: 
(i) London Road to Black Dog Way
(ii) Black Dog Way to Kimbrose Triangle (including gated streets) 
(iii) Kimbrose Triangle to St Ann’s Way
(iv) Llanthony Road link from Southgate Street via swing bridge to A430 Llanthony Road bypass

Of course there is nothing once in the Docks to prevent anyone doing what I do ie use the towpath along the canal, a much more scenic route to the Gloucester Stroud boundary: but the proposals are the way highlighted for those not just ambling on a Sunday afternoon (like me) but going for a serious ride cross county. Too many bikes on the towpath would also be hazardous for everyone.

However is going through the north south gate streets of our city centre the best solution? Might it bring more visitors who’ll stop and eat and drink, visit our Heritage and generally help support our businesses and make the city centre more vibrant?

Will it help more students at the future University of Gloucestershire City Campus come by bike, rather than clogging up eg Kingsholm streets with cars: with lots of city centre cycle racks?

Or could this be a mistake, leading to high speed lycra clad accidents eg at The Cross?

What is the right balance, and is there a workable compromise?

All this needs YOUR input - no good waiting til the consultation’s over, decisions are made and residents then saying ‘no-one told me this was happening.’

So please do go along to one of two public events to see the plans and discuss them with the project team.

Both are at Gloucester Guildhall, 23 Eastgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1NS on:

Tues July 11 10am-4pm, Bluecoat Room (2nd floor)

Thurs July 13 12pm-6pm, Fisher Room (3rd floor)

Do find out more and then share your views with me. We need to get this right.

Thank you!


Best regards