NHS advice

The NHS and Department for Health are constantly updating guidance for COVID19

For the latest medical advice, visit NHS.uk/Coronavirus. 

Department for Health advice

Everyone must now stay at home, unless for limited reasons. If you develop symptoms or are in 'at-risk' groups (over 70, pregnant or have underlying health conditions outlined here) you should still practice isolation:

  • 7 days if you live alone or are the first to develop symptoms in a household
  • 14 days if someone in your household develops symptoms (plus 7 days if you develop symptoms during this time)
  • 12 weeks if you are in the 'at-risk' group (the NHS will write to you imminently), pregnant or over 70. 

Further details for are available on the Department for Health's website.

Local NHS Advice

NHS providers in Gloucestershire have updated advice for those visiting and in hospital, including changes to visiting hours. Please visit their dedicated website.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus do not visit a hospital or GPs surgery.