Brexit Response: Betrayal or Disaster?

Thank you to all constituents who have emailed me about the EU Withdrawal Bill this week, and the various Lords amendments that we debated for two days.

Voting on The EU Withdrawal Bill

Many of my constituents have been in touch with me recently on issues to do with the European Union and the Withdrawal Bill amendments. What is the Bill about and what are the main issues about the amendments?

Congratulations Ray Peart

The Queen’s Birthday Awards cannot capture all the great things done in every community, but I’m delighted that over the last few years there has been greater recognition of some of those in our community who’ve done a lot over a long time.

Aethelflaed 2018

Historic re-enactments are a fine balancing act. They need enough real history abd dressing up to be convincing. And enough tongue well through the cheek to be enjoyable.

Aethelflaed 2018 Success

This weekend is all about a woman who died 1100 years ago. She just happened to unite most of this part of England together, defeating the Danes in Derby, seeming them off elsewhere and laying the way for her nephew to restore an independent England.

Rights for British Citizens in Europe

It's important for British citizens living in Europe to be absolutely clear that the British Government's starting point in the EU withdrawal negotiations was to settle citizens' rights at the beginning, seperately and first.

Cracking down on rogue landlords

The City Council has successfully prosecuted the landlord of a Tredworth property which was ‘unfit to live in’. The landlord was fined £2,000 and under new laws could also face being banned from operating altogether.