NHS Volunteer Awards

Today I spoke at the NHS Volunteers' Long Service Awards about my experiences of our great NHS volunteers. Watch my speech in full:

Primary Head of the Year: Kelly Armstrong

Congratulations to Field Court Junior Academy Head Teacher Kelly Armstrong who's won Primary Head teacher of the Year for Gloucestershire, and is nominated nationally, and is celebrating in Parliament.

Gloucester MP responds to ‘worrying’ OFSTED Report

City MP Richard Graham says the recent OFSTED report on the county council’s children’s services is ‘worrying’ and that the council is right to have made immediate changes. “What matters now is how quickly the council can implement the OFSTED recommendations and turn the service around.”

Chit Chat tackling loneliness in Quedgeley

Chit Chat is held at St James' Church in Quedgeley every Thursday morning from 10:00am - 12noon. I think it's the sort of thing we could benefit from by having it all over the city.

Richard comes out against cannabis

Conservative candidate Richard Graham has said that legalising cannabis would be bad for mental health and increases risks to school pupils.

A Greener Gloucester

I’ve had many emails effectively asking ‘how green is Gloucester and what more can we do?’ This is a good question not just for me, but for all of us.

So let me share some thoughts and wishes, and seek your views.