Why I'm optimistic about the UK hosting the COP26 climate conference

Gloucester’s MP Richard Graham is optimistic about the UK and Italy co-hosting the COP26 climate change summit next year after meeting with the Minister for Energy and Clean Growth, Chris Skidmore, and the Italian Ambassador, Raffaele Trombetta.

Richard said, ‘Although the process is opaque, I strongly believe after this meeting that the joint UK-Italy bid to host COP26 (the 26th Conference of the Parties) will be successful; and that we will be able to confirm this before the end of the year.’  

Gloucester’s MP added that climate change is a top issue raised at school, college and university meetings with him. The UK’s leadership is important for clear and measurable objectives for the G20 conference in 2020, five years on from the Paris Agreement.  

Richard said, ‘Climate change is one of the most important issues in the world, and I'll have more discussions with the city and county councils on specific ideas and opportunities in Gloucester.’

Notes to editors

  • Richard regularly visits Gloucester schools, and sees others in Parliament including St Peter’s, Sir Thomas Rich’s, Ribston High School, and Tredworth Infants School.
  • See also Richard's Facebook post about the Friends of Saintbridge Nature Reserve, a remarkable green lung in the centre of Gloucester (see Facebook - https://bit.ly/2LUqRNF)