MP looks forward to pressing on with important campaigns

Understandably many constituents think all MPs do at the moment is argue about Brexit, so here are 4 campaigns I’m running at the moment:


  1. Abolishing visa fees for Commonwealth servicemen and women in our Armed Forces:

I wrote a cross-party letter signed by over 130 MPs from 8 parties, which called on the Home Secretary to abolish Indefinite Leave to Remain visa fees for Commonwealth citizens serving in our Armed Forces for over 4 years. Then I raised this at PM’s questions and spoke in a debate on this - country has more respect for those prepared to risk their lives for our country, than charge a family of four £10,000.

  1. Putting driving instructors in a position of trust:

Teachers and carers are in a position of trust to those they teach or look after, and it is against the law for them to have sex with them if under the age of 18. I know of several cases from constituents where sports coaches or driving instructors who aren’t classified as having a duty of care have taken advantage of their relationship. And we know nationally of scandals involving a very small minority of those with similar titles. So, I have again asked the government to add coaches and driving instructors to the list of professions that are in a ‘position of trust’ to protect young people under 18 years old -

  1. Seeking a mandatory levy on gambling firms to protect gambling addicts:

My recent Ten-Minute Rule Bill urged the government to review a gambling industry levy to fund badly needed research on the number of gambling related suicides and to fund protection of those at risk of gambling addictions. My meetings with constituents and visit this week to the National Problem Gambling Clinic illustrate what a growing problem this has become since the Gambling Act 2005 and why we must take action now -

  1. Fairer funding for Further Education:

I recently held a parliamentary debate in which over 50 MPs highlighted the value of Further Education colleges, including GlosCol, who trains our young with apprenticeships and technical skills to gain the skills needed in our businesses. I want to see an above inflation settlement for FE in this year’s Summer Spending Review -

Of course, these coincide with my local campaigns like more train services ( and many other good causes.

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