Gloucester MP asks nearly 10,000 residents to help him petition against a 2,000+ homes development proposal for 2000+ new homes on the edge of the City of Gloucester

Richard Graham MP has written to 9,800 residents of Grange and Tuffley about a proposed Taylor Wimpey development for 2,000+ houses adjoining Grange Road (in Gloucester), currently farmland in Whaddon Parish (Stroud). 

The City MP has pointed out that “”if a formal planning application for 2000+ new homes was made to and approved by Stroud District Council, this would have a huge impact on the infrastructure required in Gloucester, and traffic in particular.” In a covering letter to a petition against the proposal which the MP encourages residents to sign, as a pre-emptive strike against Stroud District considering inclusion of the idea in its local plan, Richard Graham highlights traffic problems at the St Barnabas roundabout in particular inevitably getting worse, and the need for expensive other infrastructural requirements from schools to GPs.

Richard says the plan is virtually identical to one the previous Labour government tried to promote in 2009.  “We campaigned successfully against a very similar plan then by closing down in 2010 the unloved regional government structures John Prescott had created. This time enough support from residents will send a strong message to Stroud District Council (the planning authority) that this is still a bad idea ten years on and that we would campaign strongly against it.”

The Gloucester MP’s petition has the support of local councillors and online Tuffley Matters and he is adamant this is not about nimbyism. “I’ve helped focus minds and encouraged creative solutions on every bit of brownfield site I can find in Gloucester – from the Railway Triangle to the old Norville site in Tredworth, unused garages in Matson and Coney Hill, corners of Kingsholm like what is now Roots parts of and Barnwood (like the old Royal Mail Centre by Walls Roundabout), and there’s still more to be done. As always it’s about a balance of responsibility to creating new homes for our children and making sure there is the right infrastructure to serve the new residents. There is just no way round Grange Road and the railway bridge one way and then Stroud Rd leading to St Barnabas. You can’t build a relief road through Robinswood Hill. Gloucester City Council had approved building 250 more homes on its land at northern edge of Grange Road, and that will already stretch road capacity: but another 2,000 plus homes would be a disaster.”

Any Gloucester residents who would like to sign Richard’s petition are encouraged to do so via his website by Sep 15th -