Celebrating Gloucester’s growth of apprenticeships

In National Apprentice Week City MP Richard Graham thanked Gloucester employers in Parliament for creating 6,640 apprenticeships since 2010 – placing Gloucester 61st out of all 533 English constituencies.

Richard said: “Last weekend at Skills Fest almost all the employers were looking to take on more apprentices, and I get a lot of emails from constituents asking for more information on apprenticeships.”

At this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, the MP also thanked The Citizen for its support of apprentices.

“Its campaign for ‘100 apprentices in 100 days’ in 2010 was one of the most copied campaigns by a local paper ever, so it was right to mention our local daily which continues to promote apprenticeships,” said Richard.

He went on to congratulate his own apprentices, including his first in 2011, then 17 year old Laura Pearsall, now Gloucester’s youngest ever city councillor.

The Prime Minister, responding to Richard, said: “My honourable Friend is right. The south-west has delivered more than 280,000 apprenticeship starts since 2010, so it is absolutely pulling its weight – and well done to his constituents for doing that.”

Richard has also met other apprentices at training provider 3aaa, and discussed future opportunities with ASDA this week.

“Gloucester employers and parents both know the value of apprenticeships.

“The numbers of places at Gloucestershire College, and Gloucestershire Engineering Training continue to increase all the time, so I’m optimistic and encourage all families to consider the option.”