New Car Park and Entrance at Gloucester Station

In March 2016 (see HERE) I updated readers on my vision for a greatly improved railway station, with an additional new car park and access to the station from Great Western Road; improved underpass from Bruton Way to Great Western Road, and a new forecourt and exit onto Metz Way from the existing

Gloucester History Festival - book now to avoid disappointment

In 2011 I led a small group to link our celebration of the relief of the Siege of Gloucester (Gloucester Day: reinvented by Alan Myatt in 2008 on the first Saturday of September) to the national Heritage Open Days programme (second weekend of Sep), fill the gap with a week of talks at Blackfriars

Close to Closure - The Gloucester Tip 2019

During a particularly hot summer, with bedroom windows open everywhere in Gloucester, the noise of the seagulls during their breeding season has been a source of sleep deprivation for many residents here. And that’s putting it politely.

A fairer fishing policy for Britain

One aspect of membership of the EU that most of us have always found very hard to defend has been the Common Fisheries Policy - under which lots of other countries have been allowed to fish in UK waters, discarding dead fish caught over quota.

Great Western Railway

I’ve been contacted by passengers on GWR commuter trains to Bristol about the number of carriages on this service.

2018 Summer Action in Gloucester

Gloucester this summer is packed with even more great family events from food and culture festivals to funfairs, than ever before. Here are some of the best I've seen and everything is free entry unless indicated.

Have your say: Gloucester July 2018 Survey

Thanks to the c700 constituents who came to my street stall on Saturday and discussed NHS70 and did my street survey with volunteers. Lots of helpful feedback on what you care about most in Gloucester.